Inherited Arts Forum (IAF) is a curated platform that brings together tribal and folk art traditions that have been in practice since centuries in various parts of India. We seek to present works by master artists and their apprentices to showcase indigenous art practices that are fast evolving with contemporary perspectives.
A plethora of genres like, Madhubani from Bihar, Pithora and Gond paintings from Madhya Pradesh, Warli from Maharashtra, Phulkari textiles from Punjab, Pichwais from Rajasthan, Mata ni Pachedi style from Gujarat and Kalighat paintings from West Bengal, amongst others, are hoisted to interact within the market, to encourage and support the art and the artists. Most of these works that we see on paper, canvas and other media today were historically practised on and with materials that were available organically, from the sources of trees and plants, to the walls and floors of the homes that were painted.
Representing a fraction of sacred but endangered artforms of the country, the forum assumes a very important role in the arts industry. This forum has birthed from a collaboration between two contemporary galleries, Exhibit 320 and Blueprint 12, and our motto is to foster connections between the art and its viewers. We believe in providing better opportunities for those not in the mainstream by locating them within the contemporary scape.